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Neato Botvac Series High-Performance Filter

More material than standard filters, high performance filters capture fine dust particles and reduce allergens in your home.
30.00 (S$)

Neato Botvac Series Standard Filter

Keep your home clean by changing the filters frequently – once every month or two, depending your usage.
20.00 (S$)

Neato XV Series Standard Filter Replacement Pack

Keep your robot vacuum working hard for you. The filter should be replaced once every 1 to 3 months depending on how much dirt and debris the XV-11 is cleaning up.
19.00 (S$)

HEPA Filters (Green)

HEPA filters trap ultrafine dust leaving cleaner, fresher air behind.
30.00 (S$)

Power Supply & Charging Base

Great for mutli-storey house, add an additional charging base to other level instead of relocating the base everytime.
90.00 (S$)

Neato XV series combo brush replacement blades

Replace the blades instead of wasting on a brand new brush.
35.00 (S$)

Original Neato Battery Replacement Pack

Powerful, rechargeable battery set for use when your batteries run low.
150.00 (S$)

Boundary Markers

Keep Out - Bounday Markers Magnetic Strip can be cut to size to keep the Neato Robot from crossing over an area.
45.00 (S$)

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