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Original Scooba Batt

iRobot Scooba Battery powers Scooba for two tanks of solution per charge. Get more cleaning time from your Scooba by keeping a second battery on hand and ready to go! Charge one battery in the Charging Base while Scooba is cleaning. Compatible with all current Scooba models.
€102.70 (EUR)
€94.80 (EUR)

Scooba Battery Charging Base

Scooba Charging Base charges Scooba's battery in less than 3 hours.
€45.82 (EUR)

Scooba Replacement Tank

Refresh your used tank with an easy-to-install replacement tank. Compatible with Scooba 330, 350, 380 or 390.
€71.10 (EUR)

Scooba Virtual Wall

iRobot Scooba Virtual Wall creates a beam of infrared light that Scooba will not cross. Use a Virtual Wall to block doorways and off-limit areas that you want Scooba to avoid.
€31.60 (EUR)

Scooba Filter

Replacement filter for use with iRobot Scooba traps hair, dirt and other debris.
€19.75 (EUR)

Scooba Vacuum Port

Replacement for lost or damaged Scooba vacuum port.
€19.75 (EUR)

Scooba Floor Prep Squeegee (2 pieces)

This replacement Floor Prep Squeegee keeps your iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot operating at peak performance. Preps floors by picking up loose crumbs, dirt and debris.
€19.75 (EUR)

Scooba Castor Assembly

Replacement, rotating caster easily snaps into your iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot for simple maintenance and lasting performance.
€19.75 (EUR)

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