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Picture of Servicing Package 1

Servicing Package 1

Keep your Roomba in tip top condition with a yearly servicing.


This is what could have get into your gearbox & vacuum motor impleller after months of usage.  See below for our servicing package to maintain your Roomba in tip-top condition.


Clogged gearbox causing motor to overheat thus melting the cleaning head module.



Keep your Roomba in tip top condition with a yearly servicing.  We will strip Roomba to it's bare and do a through cleaning removing all the dust bunnies and hairs which accumulates over time and tends to block Roomba's sensor.  The cleaning head module will also be strip to do a through cleaning and lubrication right into the gearbox and motor.  This will prevent hairs and dust from stressing the motor resulting in lesser battery consumption.  Your robot will be restored to like new condition.  Latest firmware with improve navigation and various updates will be uploaded after servicing.


What's in the package:

Package 1: Thorough cleaning as per description above

€27.65 (EUR)
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