About Us

Robovac iRobot Store is the biggest reseller in Singapore offering the widest range of Robotic appliances.  All our products are brand new and we do not carry any remanufactured product.  Robovac had been a trusted online source since 2009 and is still striving to offer you the most affordable and reliable products for your iRobot needs.

All our robots come with a standard 6 months warranty and optional extension package.  We stock all parts and accessories offering unmatched convenience under one roof for a one-stop solution that none others can matched.

We are also specialised in repairing any defects related to your robots.  Trust us to carry out a yearly servicing for your Roomba to extend it's useful life and also reducing the stress on the battery with cleaner brushes and well lubricated gears.  Please feel free to contact us should you encounter any difficulties with your robots be it purchased from us or imported by yourself.

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